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Estonia to help Jamaica set up the region’s first e-government

Estonia to help Jamaica set up the region's first e-government
Image: Alejandro Escamilla under a CC licence

14 June 2017

Jamaica is soon to be the region’s first country to have a fully digitised government system, with the help of Estonia’s e-Governance Academy, Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness said in a statement.

Estonia is hailed as one of the leading countries in implementing an e-government system, which allows citizens to access state services through the internet. At the moment, 90 per cent of government services can be accessed online. It was also the first country to open e-residency to people from other countries — not granting physical residency or permits to enter the country, but allowing people to register their companies in Estonia, pay taxes and access other services.

The Jamaican government plans to start rolling out the system in 2018.

Source: Estonian World.