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Sex on trains: the new way to travel in Ukraine

Sex on trains: the new way to travel in Ukraine
Train carriage in snow. Image: Samuel Seller under a CC licence

16 June 2017

Having sex on train rides is key to getting the most out of your journey says the Ukrainian state railway’s official magazine Mahistral. The new issue of the magazine, available only on first class intercity trains, has gone viral after appearing to promote the potential delights of having sex on train journeys, provoking comments that the railway company has “upgraded it services” and become “very client-oriented”.

The articled, entitled Love on the Road, includes five sections and walks travellers through the possible advantages of this intimate setting and common pitfalls to watch out for. If the benefits of sex on trains are not immediately obvious to the reader, the story is quick to highlight the closeness that these compartments engender. “People in one compartment are like a family. They stay together in a relatively small space and this brings them together.” In essence, this unique setting provides people with the perfect conditions for sex compared with other more public means of transport. The story goes one step further, praising train sex as a way to spice up an otherwise monotonous sex life, highlighting its therapeutic as well as sensual benefits.

The magazine is also mindful of promoting a culture of safe sex on their trains, advising the passengers to avoid injury due to sudden unexpected movements of the train by using the seat-belts provided.

Olena Los, an editor at Mahistral, told Kyiv Post that the article has drummed up far more excitement that she’d imagined, and revealed that her friends have begun sharing their experiences with her, describing how they went about it. It appears as though the provocative subject matter was in part a deliberate tactic to increase the magazine’s readership, as Los joked: “What sells the best? Sex, kittens and kids. We have already written about kittens, so we went with sex.” It remains to be seen what effect the story will have in reality.