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Follow of the week: handmade rugs from Ukraine

Follow of the week: handmade rugs from Ukraine

30 June 2017

Pokemon design or traditional patterns? This Kiev-based carpet atelier has both.

Ukrainian artist Oksana Levchenya-Konstantinovskaya founded a carpet atelier when she decided she wanted to connect art and everyday life and make simple, useful things. The atelier’s Instagram account illustrates the entire work process: from dyeing the threads to the end product — carpets, rugs, and occasional bags and accessories.

Apart from the standard line of carpets (all handmade by Levchenya-Konstantinovskaya’s small team), you can also make a special order. Traditional carpet designs, often inspired by Ukrainian mythology and traditional carpet patterns from centuries past, coexist next to Pokemon-themed ones, like this reproduction of a 1937 Ukrainian communist design, in which Pikachu or Homer Simpson replaces Lenin’s portrait, and Yoda is surrounded by traditional figures representing arts and crafts.