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Russian artist completes world’s biggest solo mural

6 July 2017

Last month at the ArtOvrag urban art festival Russian painter and street artist Misha Most completed a mammoth mural measuring 10,800 square metres, which the festival organisers believe to be the world’s largest ever mural to be done by one artist.

Painted over 35 days, Evolution-2 covers the facade of the Stan-5000 building at Nizhny Novgorod province’s Vyksa Steel Works industrial complex, which is celebrating its 260th anniversary this year.

Curated by Sabina Chagina and the Artmossphere creative association, Evolution-2 explores themes of progress and breaking boundaries, while recasting the relationship between Russian cosmism and the working individual. The project was chosen as a result of the Vyksa 10,000 open competition, which saw renowned artists, designers and architects evaluate 260 applications from 34 countries. The Guinness Book of Records is currently considering Evolution-2 for inclusion in the official record books.

“The future is traditionally associated with certain changes: in society [...] in personal psychology and physiology, in relationships, [the] environment and nature. The essential graphic element of the project is a scientist, a robotised man [...] I included in the scheme six stories taken from the past and present of the Vyksa smelter,” the artist says of his project.

Find out more about ArtOvrag and Misha Most’s potentially record-breaking mural here (in Russian).