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Letatlin: Kiev fashion label Act.1 takes inspiration from constructivism

20 July 2017

Kiev-based fashion brand Act.1 has released Letatlin, a collection inspired by the Soviet avant-garde and, in particular, the work of Constructivist pioneer Vladimir Tatlin.

The third collection by Act.1, Letatlin draws on Tatlin’s art object of the same name — a human-powered, bird-like flying apparatus.

According to Tatlin, objects should be functional, durable and beautiful. With his principles in mind, Act.1 aimed to create pieces that are at once stylish and practical, using both natural and high-tech materials.

The centrepiece of the collection is a light jacket inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese style. Bringing together the silhouette of a noragi jacket with the detailed lining of the traditional, kimono-like haori, the inside of the jacket is lined with Letatlin print.

Other pieces in the collection include a durable but breathable hoodie with a rectangular pocket reminiscent of Constructivist works, along with T-shirts, trousers and shorts.

Founded in 2016, Act.1 is available at such retailers as Wood Wood, JNBY, 16Station and Basemnt. The video for Letatlin was made by Yaw Hinne, with clothing modelled by Mitya Wormwood and photography by Yulya Dahl. Find out more about the label here.