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Supremus: wear avant-garde masterpieces on your feet

21 July 2017

St Petersburg-based brand St. Friday has launched Supremus, a limited edition sock collection based on Russian avant-garde artworks from the collection of Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery.

Chosen with the help of the staff at the Tretyakov Gallery, among the works featured in the collection are Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square, Woman with Rake and Haymaking; Suprematism by Ivan Kliun; and Mikhail Larionov’s Bull’s Head.

“The works of famous avant-gardists were sorted into components in order to preserve the recognisable style of the artists, and at the same time to bring the details of the image in line with the requirements of modern fashion and the technical capabilities of factory production,” St. Friday said of the collection.

Find out more and purchase the socks here (in Russian).