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DT Camp: a secret rave in the Lithuanian woods

DT Camp: a secret rave in the Lithuanian woods
Poster for DT Camp festival. Facebook/DT Camp

26 July 2017

London-based label Digital Tsunami has announced the second year of DT Camp, a secret rave that will take place in the Lithuanian woods in August. Though the festival is said to take place in an “outstandingly beautiful location in a national park in the Trakai district”, the exact location will only be released the Sunday evening before the rave to ticket holders.

Lithuanian-born co-founder of Digital Tsunami and DJ, Ernestas Sadau, will perform during the festival, as well as such artists as 23 Suspect from Lithuania and Italy-based Mario Moretti, as well as Mark Knekelhuis of the Netherlands.

It is sure to be a memorable event, both musically and atmospherically, with the festival’s Facebook page describing its location as “surrounded by tall pine trees and close to the deep mirror lake with local folk monster inside”.

Click here for more information on DT Camp and to register for tickets.