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Synthposium: tech meets music in Moscow

Synthposium: tech meets music in Moscow
Image: Pinkshinyultrablast / Facebook

31 July 2017

Synthposium festival will be arriving in the Russian capital next month, bringing together music and high-level technology for four days of concerts, lectures and workshops.

The festival, which will take place from 23 — 27 August, will comprise three blocks: Live (performances, both day and night), On Air (educational and discussion programme) and Art (audiovisual installations, performances and art objects).

The first part of the festival, on 24 — 25 August, will be devoted to lectures organised by the Moscow School of Cinema. Speakers will include specialists from the music industry, sound designers, sound engineers, composers and artists. Among these will be engineer Alex Pleninger, who worked to produce a reissue of the original Polivoks synthesiser, and Kotä Records co-founder Gleb Gunti.

During the second half of Synthposium, the Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre will host concerts and exhibitions, while a series of night performances and parties will take place at some of the city’s most popular clubs from Friday to Sunday.

Over 100 Russian and international artists will perform at the festival, including Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine and German electronic musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss. Among the most notable Russian acts taking part are St Petersburg’s Pinkshinyultrablast and Moscow punk-techno duo Interchain.

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