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Melania Trump drives Slovenia tourism surge

Melania Trump drives Slovenia tourism surge
Melania Trump in 2016. Image: Marc Nozell under a CC licence)

2 August 2017

Slovenia has seen an increase in visitors since US President Donald Trump took office in late January, with experts putting the growth partly down to First Lady Melania Trump’s ties to the country.

The native homeland of Melania, Slovenia received 1.9 million tourists in the first half of this year, approximately 15 per cent up from the same period in 2016. Delving into the figures, the Slovenian Statistical Office reports that the number of visitors from the USA has also risen by 15 per cent.

According to a report by US-based style website Refinery29, local tourism companies have set up tours that allow tourists to walk “in the footsteps of Melania Trump”, visiting the places where she lived, studied, and worked.

Perhaps surprisingly, however, the hordes have not been rushing to the First Lady’s hometown. Karmen Hren, the deputy director of the Statistical Office, notes that there has been little noticeable change in the number of visitors staying overnight in Sevnica, which is located on the left bank of the Sava River in central Slovenia. If you do stop by, make sure to pay a visit to the local brand launched in her honour. Aptly named First Lady, the brand is a one stop shop for the best in homemade local products.

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Source: Refinery29