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Hungarian pianist goes viral with cover of Justin Bieber’s Despacito

7 August 2017

In less than two weeks, Péter Bence’s cover of hit song Despacito has already become an online sensation, clocking up over 1m views on YouTube. Bence’s innovative cover is assisted by a loop machine that allows him to create a multi-layered and dynamic sound.

Justin Bieber’s summer tune recently became the most-watched music video on YouTube ever, after just seven months on the online streaming platform. The music video has over 3b views in total, with a weekly estimate of 15m views.

Péter Bence is best known, however, for holding the Guinness World Record for most piano key hits in one minute, from January 2012 to March 2017. In March of this year however, his record of 765 was surpassed by Domingos-Antonio Gomes who managed an astounding 824 key hits in one minute.

As well as Despacito, Bence has covered Sia, Michael Jackson and Queen. More videos by the mesmerising Hungarian pianist can be found here.

Source: Daily News Hungary