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Romania records lowest spending on culture in EU

Romania records lowest spending on culture in EU
Palace of Romanian Parliament in Bucharest. Image: Sorin Mutu under a CC licence.

8 August 2017

According to recent data released by Eurostat, Romania had the smallest expenditure on culture among European Union member states in 2015, relative to the size of its population.

Per capita, Romania spent a mere €97 ($115) while the average for countries across the EU stood at €299 ($353). These statistics come on the back of Romania registering the lowest attendance rate to sporting and cultural events in the EU, with only 29.9% of the country’s population aged 16 or over claiming to have attended a cultural or sporting event in 2015.

Other countries that came in below average included Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia, while Luxembourg, Denmark and Finland came top, with culture expenditures of €1,068 ($1,262), €843 ($996) and €565 ($667) respectively.

Source: Business Review