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Brave! Factory Festival takeover: Noizar and Borys prove that two’s a party

18 August 2017

Throughout this week we’ll be spotlighting the must-see local artists at Brave! Factory Festival as picked by the festival organisers.

If you’re a regular on the Kiev party scene you will undoubtedly have heard of this dynamic duo. Noizar and Borys individually made a name for themselves playing bass and house at the legendary, but now sadly closed, Xlib club. In recent years they have joined forces, taking their back-to-back sets to a whole new level. Their joint sets always get the crowd going, not just because of their mixing skills but their eclectic taste in music. The pair, both residents of art centre Closer, are known for being enthusiastic vinyl collectors, and both own an enviable collection.

Nazar Prokopiv aka Noizar is a DJ and founder of Wicked Bass Records. Since 2010, Noizar has had a hand in music production, working with artists from all over the world. His back catalogue to date includes the likes of Ibrahim Alfa, Huerco S and Ukrainian producer Wulffius. Besides his work as a label manager, Noizar is one of the most active DJs in Ukraine, taking regular trips to Moscow and St Petersburg to play at Arma17 and Mosaique.

Borys has been on the scene since his glory days at Xlib, and today can be found on the decks at Kiev’s party series Схема, Moscow’s Rabitza club and Arma17 night and St Petersburg club Mosaique. A few days ago he made his debut in Berlin as part of the Propaganda Records Showcase led by DJ Nastia.

Look out for Noizar and Borys on the Container stage on 24 August.

Brave! Factory Festival will take place from 23 — 24 August 2017 at Metrobud factory in Kiev. Tickets are available for purchase here.