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Follow of the week: knots and knits from Moscow

Follow of the week: knots and knits from Moscow

1 September 2017

Ksenia Kushnarenko’s macramé business came out of a leg injury which prevented her from pursuing usual hobbies. Now however, it’s taking on a life of its own.

Knots & Crosses Moscow is a young brand selling intricately knit hanging plant pots and other macramé accessories. It was started by Kushnarenko after she broke her leg and had to temporarily give up sport and take up a more couch-friendly hobby. Whether you’re after a perfect boho accessory or just home design inspiration, the company’s Instagram account is the place to go. Kushnarenko says that one of the aims of the brand is to fight the old Soviet view of macramé as something boring, cheaply made and unfashionable, and that she plans to do it with California- and Australia-inspired chic, because “the soul is asking for some warm Southern style in this cold grey city”.

The items are available for sale through the account’s messages or at Moscow craft markets.