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Trailer: The Molokans of Kabristan

1 September 2017

Watch the atmospheric trailer to Dmitry Frolov’s beautiful documentary The Molokans of Kabristan, exploring the last remaining members of the Molokan community in Kabristan.

Frolov, a student from Moscow State University’s history faculty, decided to head into the hidden depths of the Azerbaijani hills, to learn about life inside present-day Molokan villages. Exiled by Tsar Nicholas I in the 1830s for rejecting the Orthodox Church, the Molokans are a sect of Russian Christians on the verge of extinction. With no succeeding generation to carry on the traditions of the sect, the film’s significance is magnified, as both a way to preserve and relay the history and cultural practices of the Molokans. The documentary was directed by Saglara Tyurbeeva, and features an eerie, original score from Moscow-based musician KP Transmission.