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Watch Dubai police test out Russian-built flying motorcycles

11 October 2017

Dubai police have published a video of a test drive (or flight?) of a hoverbike made for them by the Russian company Hoversurf.

The vehicles in question resemble a hybrid between a motorcycle and a quadcopter drone lifted and propelled by four rotors, and weigh up to 300 kg. They can be controlled by one or two pilots, fly as high as five metres above the ground while carrying people (and up to six kilometres without pilots), and travel at 70 km/h. They have a rechargeable battery that allows 25 minutes of flight, although they can also run on gasoline. The bikes are also fitted with eight cameras that can stream footage directly back to the police station.

The menacingly futuristic machines can also be also be used as ordinary motorcycles.

The test was preliminary and the project is still in development: the date when the Dubai police will be able to patrol the streets Luke Skywalker-style has not yet been announced.

Source: TJournal [in Russian]