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Are you ready for Oxxxymiron’s first rap battle in English?

Are you ready for Oxxxymiron's first rap battle in English?

16 October 2017

The anticipated rap battle between Russian rapper Oxxxymiron and American rapper Dizaster took place in a sold out Los Angeles venue yesterday.

The battle, which wasn’t judged and does not have an official winner, was organised by Canadian rap battle promoters King of the Dot. Oxxxymiron, whose real name is Miron Fedorov, is the first Russian performer to be invited to an American rap battle.

The rap battle was announced two years ago but the exact date remained unknown until the last moment. It was referenced by Fedorov in his latest rap battle that went viral in August when Fedorov noted that he accepted Gnoyniy’s battle challenge specifically to prepare for this battle with Dizaster. A pseudonym for Bachir Yagami, Dizaster is known for his fast rapping style and offensive and aggressive lyrics, which has caused controversies on several occasions.

The battle with Oxxxymiron was in English but TV Rain reports that both performers resorted to Russian: Yagami to insult Fedorov in his opponent’s native language, and Fedorov to make untranslatable remarks to a critically acclaimed Aleksei Balabanov film Brother II.

The video of the battle is currently unavailable but the organisers have confirmed that it will be uploaded within a few days and that it will include Russian subtitles for the Russian-speaking fans of Oxxxymiron. Watch this space.