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David Lynch travels across Georgia…in the name of meditation

David Lynch travels across the name of meditation
David Lynch. Image: Thiago Piccoli under a CC license

21 November 2017

Legendary film director David Lynch is traveling across Georgia as part of his work to promote meditation in the South Caucasus.

The US-born producer arrived in Tbilisi on 18 November to promote the David Lynch Foundation. The charity, which hopes to combat an “epidemic of stress and trauma” through transcendental meditation, launched in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in July 2017.

The four-day trip marked Lynch’s first visit to Georgia, and included a special visit to the country’s parliament. The director also discussed ongoing plans to open a film school in the country, the news site reported.

Officials hope that the school will help boost Georgia’s budding film industry following the government’s decision to create new incentives for film makers in January last year.