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D3 fashion and design centre launches in Moscow

D3 fashion and design centre launches in Moscow

23 November 2017

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<p>A new art space showcasing the best of Russian design has launched in Moscow.</p>

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<p>The D3 Fashion and Design Centre officially opened its doors on Wednesday with its first exhibition,<em> The Soviet Design System</em> <em>(Sistema Dizaina v SSSR).</em></p>

<p>The new centre, which forms part of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, aims to explore and structure Russia’s design history in order to seek out the meaning of Russian style. It also hopes to support and inspire modern creators, with regular discussions, master classes, courses, and presentations.<br>
 The centre has already announced partnerships with Moscow’s Stroganov Academy, the Higher School of Economics and the British Higher School of Design.</p>

<p>“In a world where people speak different languages, where there are opposing beliefs and worldviews, design remains as a universal form of communication,” Elena Titova, director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, said at the centre’s official launch. “Design in each country is a visualisation of national culture. It is an opportunity for expression: to convey the history, values, dreams and aspirations of an entire people through line, colour and form.”<br>
 The D3 Centre’s first exhibition, focusing on the work Soviet design agencies in 1960s — 1980s, will run until 14 January. For more information (in Russian), click <a href=here.