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Russian journalist attacked on air vows return to radio

Russian journalist attacked on air vows return to radio

29 November 2017

A Russian journalist who was attacked while on air has vowed to return to her daily radio show.

Tanya Felgengauer was stabbed in the throat while broadcasting live on Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio station in October.

“I love journalism, I love my morning show, I love my radio station,” Felgengauer told The Washington Post in an interview on Wednesday. “The attempt on my life will not change it.”

Felgengauer’s attacker, 48-year-old Boris Grits, entered the Radio Moskvy building in Moscow on 23 October, disabling a security guard before making his way to the studio. Grits, a Russian-Israeli citizen, later claimed that the radio host had been sexually harassing him “via telepathy.” He has since been charged with attempted murder.

Despite Grit’s statement, some commentators have sparked speculation that the stabbing could have been politically motivated attack against the liberal media outlet, which often pokes fun at prominent Russian figures.

Another Ekho Moskvy journalist, Yuliya Latynina, fled the country just weeks before, fearing for her life after her car was set ablaze in early September.

Felgengauer herself had been accused of accepting money from the US government by a state news show before the attack took place. The 32-year-old has dismissed the claims, and maintains that she has no intention to leave Russia.

Felgengauer is expected to return to work full time early next year.