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Shadow of curls: explore Kosovan identity in this new Berlin show

15 December 2017

For contemporary artist Sislej Xhafa, his identity as a Kosovar provides the heart and inspiration behind this work.

His latest exhibition, shadow of curls — his first at Berlin’s Blain|Southern — centres on exploring Kosovo’s legal status, as well as broader ideas of power, politics, immigration and social and economic mobility.

By repurposing familiar objects, Xhafa hopes to provoke questions and conversation.

Clean, simple surfaces and images often mask ugly realities: flawless white canvases are backed with barbed wire. A symbolic olive tree appears to be an offering of peace. Instead it bears the words, “Don’t touch me.”

shadow of curls runs at Berlin’s Blain|Southern until 23 December. To learn more about the exhibition, click here.