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Armenia to launch country’s first solar-powered car

Armenia to launch country’s first solar-powered car
A potential solar car design.

8 January 2018

Activists in Armenia are set to launch the country’s first solar-powered car in a bid to drive investment from global car firms.

The government-backed project will see volunteers design and build a prototype from scratch, as well as developing new engine models to fit existing cars.

Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Hayk Harutyunyan, said he hoped that the project would bring the country’s skilled workforce to the attention of major car companies.

“We want to create a certain interest among specialists”, Harutyunyan told local news outlet Armenpress. “The dream is that an electric car production line could one day be set up in Armenia.”

The project, which was launched with a callout for volunteers on Facebook in November, is now seeking donations from private firms and organisations to keep the initiative running.