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Lullaby 1: the award-winning Ukrainian art book capturing our descent into dreams

12 January 2018

The images in Katya Lesiv’s Lullaby 1 (Koliskova 1) cascade from page to page in a state of dream-like fluidity. Whole photos are cut in half and placed on opposing pages, creating new compositions as the reader moves through the book. Together, the project seems to capture the delicate final moments before the brain is overcome by sleep.

For Lesiv, this pre-dream state is when “the mind dissolves, freeing itself of all that is superfluous.”

The project was chosen as the winner of this year’s Ukrainian Dummy Prize, an award created by the Rodovid publishing house in a bid to support the country’s artists. Lesiv’s book, which is part of a wider series, was selcted from a shortlist of six finalists and has since been given a limited publishing run of 100 copies.

To buy a copy of Lullaby 1, visit the Rodovid website here.