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Silence and Distance: the solitary minimalism of Estonian artist Eiko Ojala

13 January 2018

On paper, little connects Tallinn-based artist Eiko Ojala with New Zealand photographer Jacob Howard. Their work, however, tells a single story, exploring themes such as isolation with a haunting minimalism.

The pair’s joint exhibition, Silence and Distance, emphasises these shared themes. Together, the combination of Ojala illustrations and Howard’s photography creates an almost melancholy sense of contemplation.

“Of course, it is Western culture which we both live in, but I think what we both look for in our work is not so Western,” says Ojala. “It is a search for space, distance and quietness, for something which you can’t capture but still try to find.”

Silence and Distance will be on show at the London offices of the Pocko creative agency until 28 February. For more information, click here.