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Estonians urged to upload selfies in bid to smash country’s ‘boring’ stereotype

Estonians urged to upload selfies in bid to smash country's 'boring' stereotype

31 January 2018

The Estonian government is asking citizens to submit their happiest selfies in a bid to smash the country’s “boring” reputation.

The Estonian tourist board will use the photostream to create a “crazy online birthday invitation”, welcoming tourists to the country’s centenary celebrations later this year.

After the celebrations, the video will be given to the Estonian National Museum as a historical portrait of the Estonian people.

“With this birthday invitation, we want to kill the myth that Estonians are always dull and serious,” the project’s creators said. “We do smile — at least once a century.”

Estonian citizens can submit their photos online by providing their ID card or e-Resident’s card on the project’s dedicated web portal until 24 February 2018.