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Go off-grid with these futuristic eco-cabins from Slovakia

9 February 2018

Packed into a sleek fibre-glass egg-shaped shell, Slovakia’s latest eco-home is set to stand out.

Measuring less than five metres in length and 2.2 metres in width, the Ecocapsule boasts a clean, minimalist interior: complete with a folding bed, a built-in kitchenette with running water, a flushing toilet and a hot shower.

But the design is about more than just good looks. Aimed at nature-lovers who want to go off-grid, the modules are made to be entirely self-sufficient, complete with wind turbine, solar panels and rainwater collection.

Based in Bratislava, the Ecocapsule team first grabbed headlines back in 2015, when the capsules were shortlisted for the prestigious Lexus Design Award.

They’ve since been working on their first release, which is now available for customers living in the United States, Japan, Australia and the EU for $89,000 (79,000) plus shipping. A second mass-produced series — which the company has already pledged to release with a more modest price tag — is also in the works, and could be available as soon as the end of 2018.