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Nezhno: Delicate handmade ceramics from St Petersburg

26 February 2018

St Petersburg design firm Nezhno Ceramics creates delicate vases, plates and planters to brighten your home with a splash of springtime pastels.

Founder Lena Medvedeva draws inspiration from nature to create unique, undulating designs based on leaves, water lilies and sea shells. The name of her company — which means “tenderly” in Russian — hints at the time and care Medvedeva puts into creating each piece.

“My style of work isn’t for everyone, but it’s my favourite”, she says on Instagram. “Strange, curious forms that make you want to pick up the object and feel it with your hands, the kind which makes you guess how it was made. I don’t repeat certain designs or vases to order; each one is unique and born in its own way.”

To see more of Medvedeva’s work, you can find the Nezhno Ceramics’ Instagram page here.