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Your Cyrillic fashion dictionary

Your Cyrillic fashion dictionary

2 March 2018

If you’re into trendy Cyrillic prints but don’t speak Russian, your favourite logos can be a source of style and anxiety. Just like the girl you met on holiday with an “authentic” Chinese tattoo, you can be left wondering if those prints really mean what you think they mean. But, finally, there’s an Instagram account to help solve the problem.

The Russian Fashion Dictionary, or @RusskiyFashionSlovar, is here to help you navigate the tricky territory of Cyrillic prints. Each post features a fashion item and a translation of what the print means, as well as as a transliteration that can help you actually learn to pronounce the phrase adorning your favourite t-shirt.

The account is still new and for now covers mostly expensive high end brands like Gosha Rubchinsky, or small indie brands unavailable outside of Russia, so followers will have to wait for it to venture into explaining the Cyrillic prints in mass market fashion brands like Primark and Monki.