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Discover the edible masterpieces of Russian artist Tatiana Shkondina

2 March 2018

Food stylist and photographer Tatiana Shkondina creates art that really is good enough to eat.

Working with Dmitry Malutin and Sasha Tivanov, the Moscow-based artist recreats culinary versions of some of her favourite artistic masterpieces.

As well as using food to match the painting’s tone and texture, she also selects food to reflect each paintings’ origins. Malevich’s Black Square was recreated from black Russian caviar, while Picasso’s Dove of Peace was made from Italian cuttlefish pasta.

For Shkondina, the combination was a natural fusion of her two passions. “I love food: how each product looks, its flavour, shape, color and freshness,” she says. “And I love to make still-life photos: to work on the accessories, composition, style and light I need to create the precise mood of the picture and story it tells.”

To see more of Shkondina’s work, visit her website by clicking here.