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You can now wear your favourite Soviet cartoon characters thanks to Puma

12 March 2018

German sports brand Puma has announced a new collab with Russia’s iconic Soviet-era cartoon studio, Soyuzmultfilm.

Two models will be released with characters from the studio’s cult children’s classics: the Soviet spin-off of Winnie the Pooh, and 70s slapstick classic Well, Just You Wait! (Nu, Pogodi!).

The collection will be released alongside new joint projects with Karl Lagerfeld, Pepsi, Swarovski, Barbie to mark the 50th anniversary of Puma’s Suede shoe.

It’s the first time that Puma has teamed up with a Russian company, having already release cartoon collabs with Hello Kitty and Sesame Street.

The shoes will be on sale in Puma stores from 19 April, as well as in TsUM, Brandshop, Street Beat, KM20 and Podium.