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Blossom: cutting edge jewellery that’s reinventing Hungary’s national motifs

16 March 2018

Crafted from intricately cut paper, Blossom is a series of bold statement pieces. But its high-design edge draws inspiration not from the catwalk, but from the delicately pattered fabrics associated with Hungarian grandmothers across the world.

Created by Hungarian artist Fruzsina Zalavári, the series draws on one of the country’s most recognisable folk motifs: the Matyo peony.

She says that despite its modern edge, the series sought to revive appreciation to Hungary’s traditional crafts.

“The Matyo peony is one of the most densely-embroidered folk motifs”, Zalavári wrote. “Nowadays the beauty, content and appreciation of these old, incredibly rich and beautiful motifs are often lost.”

To see more of Zalavári’s work, visit her Behance page by clicking here.