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Andrzej Wróblewski: the artist who tackled Poland’s post-war trauma in debut London solo show

16 March 2018

A new exhibition dedicated to Polish postwar painter Andrzej Wróblewski has opened in London.

The show at David Zwirner will mark the influential artist’s first solo outing in the UK, showcasing landmark works including Chauffeur (1956), Liquidation of the Ghetto (1948), and Mother with Dead Child (1949).

Wróblewski’s short career tackled the turbulent political atmosphere of postwar Poland head on, exploring the trauma of the country’s Nazi occupation.

The artist never fully conformed to the pervasive communist-era ethos of Socialist Realism, instead fusing a unique blend of figuration and abstraction. His work often featured two-sided pieces, where two opposing images battled with and advance the meaning of the work on either side.

Andrzej Wróblewski will run at David Zwirner on London’s Grafton Street between 16 March — 14 April 2018. For more information, visit the gallery website by clicking here.