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LAFORMELA x Footshop: the story-driven streetwear collection closing Prague Fashion Week 2018

22 March 2018

Coveted Czech design brand LAFORMELA brought the curtain down of this year’s Prague Fashion Week with its latest collaboration with streetwear retailer Footshop.

The NO SEASON collection focused on urban-inspired unisex pieces, merging 90s style denim and 80s-era nylon to create their F/W look for 2018.

“When creating the collection, it was important to us to think of ordinary people: the personal stories which reflect in their style,” says collection co-designer, Footshop’s Daniel Chomistek. “Each story has its own personal aesthetic.”

But while a pure streetwear aesthetic plays to a local style set that demands a practical take on fashion, designers are still pushing for the bold and experimental that has cemented LAFORMELA’s place as a staple of Prague’s fashion scene.

“Our nation wants comfortable, sport-inspired designs,” say LAFORMELA designers Antonín Soukup and Miroslava Kohutiarová. “They are almost too practical. I think that most of the people here are afraid to experiment with new details such as accessories.”

The 560-piece collection will appear in-store in the Czech Republic, and online from the end of March 2018.