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Capture the ‘essence of Hungary’ with these pickle-scented air fresheners

Capture the 'essence of Hungary' with these pickle-scented air fresheners

9 April 2018

No trip to eastern Europe is complete without sampling the sweet crunch of green pickles, preferably laced with a hint of dill.

Now Hungarian design company Sator Space is giving tourists the chance to bring this iconic piece of national cuisine home with them, with a unique pickle-scented air freshener.

“The scent of dill pickles brings back childhood memories for every Hungarian,” the company says. “Take the essence of Magyarland on the road or put it in your friends’ car. We recommend the latter.”

Founded by brothers Dénes and Tomas Sátor with sites in Hungary and Slovakia, Sator Space is specialises in “unique travel gifts” to redesign the Budapest souvenir market.

To see more of the company’s gift range, or to buy a pickle air freshner for yourself, visit the Sator Space shop by clicking here.