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Bulgaria unveils new high-tech mountain shelter that transforms into a beacon

18 April 2018

Architects in Bulgaria have announced plans for a new mountain shelter that will turn into a rescue beacon in bad weather.

Sofia-based firm Lusio Architects beat off 17 other rivals to win a chance to build a new hikers’ cabin this summer on Vitosha Mountain outside the capital.

Coated in lightweight, reflective aluminium, the shelter is designed to blend into its surroundings until in-built detectors sense storms or bad weather. If conditions worsen, the cabin uses light and sound to become a beacon, guiding mountaineers to safety.

The shelter uses solar panels and a wind turbine for energy and has a heated floor and a contact point for the emergency services. Hammocks can be pulled from of the walls, allowing the cabin to hold up to 15 people.

If the prototype is successful, then a further cabin will be commissioned by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute for their base in Antarctica.