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See the minimalist open air chapel transforming this sleepy Slovenian village

23 April 2018

Nestled a few kilometres away from the ancient Slovenian city of Ptuj, the village of Skorba has transformed over the past decade from a quiet rural outpost to a growing commuter suburb.

The rapid, unplanned expansion left the settlement without a village centre — and a growing congregation without a place of worship. So when plans were put forward to build a village church, Slovenian architecture firm Enota stepped in to solve both problems at once.

With its open layout, the minimalist chapel invites people from all sides, acting almost as a village crossroads. As well as acting as a church, architects envisioned the space as a meeting point and a space for villagers to socialise. Painted in a clean, minimalist white, the building is a beacon in the surrounding countryside, visible from across the settlement.

“It is worth mentioning that this entire project, from the initial idea to completion, was driven by the initiative of the inhabitants themselves,” Enota wrote on Facebook. “They took an active part in raising the funds to purchase the plot as well as in the construction, which required many hours of voluntary work by the villagers.”

To see more images of the chapel, visit ENOTA’s website by clicking here.