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Meet the Lithuanian jewellery brand exhibiting at this year’s Superfine NYC

1 May 2018

Lithuanian designer Rasa Vilcinskaite began making jewellery back in 2011 after seeing a friend create her a soutache brooch.

What started as a hobby soon spiralled into vibrant, heavily-beaded collections of high-couture headpieces, necklaces and even masks.

Her statement pieces are crafted for women (and men) who want desperately to turn heads, with avid festival-goers and Instagram influencers snatching up timeline-stealing pieces before heading to Coachella or Burning Man. But Vilcinskaite says she doesn’t think about selling her pieces while making them.

“I never think about who will buy my jewellery or where they’ll wear it when I’m making it,” she says. “I just hope my clients are different women who love fashion, strong colours and good design. Self-confident women, who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and have a strong sense of their own style.”

Rasa Vilcinskaite is exhibiting her work at Superfine NYC between 2 May — 6 May in New York. To see more of her designs, visit her shop here.