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Queer Gaze: new exhibition of Polish LGBTQ+ photography comes to London

8 May 2018

A new exhibition hoping to free queer Polish artists from politics with a free and accepting platform to exhibit their photography is opening its doors in London.

Curated by Grażyna Siedlecka, Queer Gaze from Poland: a Portrait of Love and Desire will explore the work of ten queer photographers as they navigate intimacy and relationships.

The group say that opening in London will allow the work to stand as a celebration of love — rather than a political statement.

“Although homosexuality in Poland is legal and protected by general anti-discrimination laws, the majority of the population consider same-sex relationships as unnatural and immoral,” says Siedlecka.

“The selection of works exhibited at Bermondsey Project Space — intimate portraits, fragments of visual diaries, snapshots — could not be displayed in Poland without being a political statement. Our aim is to present them the way there are: as beautiful, captivating works by talented photographers, who were given the space to express themselves in an inclusive environment without prejudices.”

The show will run at the Bermondsey Project Space in London from 22 May — 26 May, 2018 with a private view and an artist talk starting from 6:00pm on 23 May.

For more information, visit the Fresh From Poland website here.