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Distributed Cognition Cooperative

Anna Engelhardt is an alias for a media artist, researcher, and writer based in London. She is interested in (de)colonial politics of algorithmic and logistical infrastructures in post-Soviet space. Concerned with the notion of infrastructure as a form of politics, she develops her practice through writing and manufacturing digital infrastructures.

Sasha Shestakova explores material dimensions of non-linear time and situated approach to envisioning otherwise. She is interested in the decolonial approach towards contemporary art in Russia, which she uses to question the colonial power play implied in homogeneous categories like “post-Soviet” and “New East.”

Sasha and Anna have co-founded the Distributed Cognition Cooperative. By exploring the relationship between material bodies and abstract machines, DCC aims to disentangle the post-Soviet space from the notion that it is a single unified zone instead of a heterogeneous range of socio-economic histories and cultures.

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