New East Digital Archive

Journeys: exploring life and landscape in post-Soviet Europe

A quarter century after the collapse of the Wall, what does the landscape look like for peoples of the former Eastern Bloc?

Here, six photographers travel across states that once came under the dominion, or existed in the orbit, of the Soviet Union. Their stories evoke worlds both ordinary and stunning and raises the question of how long the shadow of the the past can be said to linger over the present.

From the high mountains of Tajikistan to a failing mining town in Romania and the opulent homes of Russia’s newly rich, history, it seems, is never far away.

Inventing history: Making a mythic past in Macedonia

Snow ghosts: Soviet military-industrial power frozen in time

The help: At home with Russia's newly rich, and their servants

River deep, Mountain high: An epic crossing from Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan

Urban pastoral: Seeing Moscow's suburb's in a new light

The town: Scenes from the decline of Romanian industry