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Stay at Brody House, a bohemian ode to Budapest’s art scene | The Escapist

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Budapest, Hungary


A universe of beds, booze, and bonhomie, Brody House is a shabby-chic feast for the senses. Back in 2009, Peter Grundberg and William Clothier were hosting arty salons, eclectic dinner parties, and bohemian raves in their 19th-century aristocratic villa in the Hungarian capital. Today, they run Budapest’s coolest hotel, bringing together a community of artists, travellers, and storytellers. Set a former mansion in the heart of Józsefváros, Budapest’s “Palace Quarter”, Brody House blends in with the palazzos and winding side streets of the neighbourhood outside.

At Brody House, interior design and artistic chaos form an eclectic aesthetic. An ode to the Budapest art scene, each of the eight rooms is filled with the work of the room’s eponym, each a former artist-in-residence of Brody House. Every bedroom is a mix of rough-luxe wooden interiors, hand-made furniture from up-cycled materials, freestanding bathtubs, walk-in rain showers, and figurative art. Explore the select menu of the bar, which features seven Budapest-inspired cocktails.

Verging on the ridiculous, a stay at Brody House will get you an “I’m in bed with Brody” visa: a golden card that will open the doors to cultural and social events hosted at Brody House and its partner venues across Budapest, encompassing the rowdy, raucous, and refined.

What not to miss during your stay:

— Explore the cultural calendar at The Studios, Brody House’s “bohemian wild child”. Spread across three floors, four bars, two private dining rooms, and its own courtyard, this vibrant cultural hub houses exhibitions, stand-up comedy shows, live music, DJ sets, and offers seasonal food and drinks. Come for the show, stay for the Hungarian wine.

— Detox from a heavy night out in Budapest at The Workshop. This multi-purpose venue hosts events that promote an eco-conscious urban lifestyle, including vegan cooking and sustainable fashion workshops. It also has a restaurant and bar serving an affordable lunch menu, with wholesome, locally-sourced food, craft beer and cocktails.

— Visit the House of Millennium, a newly-reopened cafe and restaurant in a neo-Renaissance building that dates back to 1885. With its gold-plated peacock sculptures, decorative metallic knick-knacks, and overlapping Art Nouveau patterns, the House of Millennium celebrates the opulence of Hungarian design from the turn of the 20th century. In addition to the cafe and restaurant, the building also features an interactive exhibition on the history of the building and the city park, and an outdoor rose garden.

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Stay at Brody House, a bohemian ode to Budapest’s art scene | The Escapist

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Stay at Brody House, a bohemian ode to Budapest’s art scene | The Escapist

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Stay at Brody House, a bohemian ode to Budapest’s art scene | The Escapist

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