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An unknown journey awaits in Georgia’s snowy peaks | The Calvert Journal Shop

1 December 2021

For the inaugural edition of The Calvert Journal Shop we have collaborated with six artists to offer you exclusive prints, available for purchase for four months only. You can browse the shop here.

The image above was taken by Diana Takácsová, whose work revolves around questions of identity, physical and emotional connection to place, migration, and the human relationship to nature and environment. She bridges various ways of storytelling, and explores personal narratives in the topics she is drawn to. A member of Women Photograph, she grew up as part of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia and is currently based between Belgium, France, and Slovakia. Read her story behind the print.

This photo was taken on a winter day in Georgia in 2016. After a few days in Kutaisi, we made our way to Svaneti in the northwest of the country. I had been working on a long-term project about Georgia, its varied landscapes and their transformations, and had visited numerous times before — but this was the first time I’d seen winter in the Caucasus, with its shorter days and hidden sceneries.

As we made our way across the country, the fog reduced the details in the landscape until it was a minimalist picture. Then rain turned to snow, forcing us to keep our speed low around the twists and turns in the road. The one upside of heavy snowfall was it gave us time to take in the breathtaking vista. The views were truly rewarding, and and we were eventually able to reach our destination, despite the weather.

The car tracks in pure white snow was what made me take this picture — they fill you with anticipation of what lies ahead. True, the image could have been taken anywhere; it isn’t tied to one specific place. For me, however, this photo epitomises the freedom of travelling the open road and expecting the unexpected.

The print Winter road, Georgia is available for purchase in two sizes here. Read our past interview with Diana Takácsová on her whirlwind trip around Kazakhstan.

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An unknown journey awaits in Georgia's snowy peaks | The Calvert Journal Shop

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An unknown journey awaits in Georgia's snowy peaks | The Calvert Journal Shop

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An unknown journey awaits in Georgia's snowy peaks | The Calvert Journal Shop

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