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Hmot’s new Barricades EP
Exclusive premiere on The Calvert Journal

Stanislav Sharifullin aka Hmot is a one of the most influential young producers on the new Siberian electronic music scene. The Calvert Journal brings you an exclusive premiere of his new EP Barricades out on the 30 March 2015 on Full of Nothing, an independent music label based in Karelia in the Russian North.

“This is the first Hmot release at our label”, say Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto from Full of Nothing. “In 2013 he remixed a track by our band Love Cult and we’ve been collaborating since then. He’s planning to release our EP at his label, Klammklang”. This fruitful relationship points to a growing network of underground labels and musicians in Russia, and the most interesting times for them are ahead.



Music by Stanislav Sharifullin
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
Artwork by Anya Kuts

Full of Nothing, 2015