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Kyiv Now

A year on from the Maidan protests, Kyiv is a city poised between past and future, balancing complex questions of identity and history. It’s also a place where young creative talent is flourishing, from fashion to photography and design. In a two-part special report The Calvert Journal profiles a city on the rise.

The long view: Should Kiev erase its Soviet past or learn to live with history, asks Owen Hatherley

In vogue: Ten designers proving Kiev is the fashion capital of the new east

Letter from: Is post-Maidan Kiev the new Berlin or a city making its own future?

Insider's guide: Ten good reasons to visit Ukraine's capital right now

Kiev or Kyiv?: Why is the question of what to call Ukraine's capital so hard to answer?

We own the night: A generation finds its identity through rave culture

Part Two: Creative Kyiv

Image: Tasya Kudryk
Date: November 2015