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Photographer Sergey Rogov revives a Moscow ruin

In his new fashion shoot Russian photographer Sergey Rogov channels the sombre mood of late autumn in Moscow before it gives way to a long, cold winter. It is around this time of the year that the concrete tones of the city are alleviated by the light of pale skies and early snow. The setting for the shoot is the disused alcohol factory, Moscow Crystal. Pieces by emerging Russia designers styled by Oxana Markina are set against concrete pillars and deserted staircases. These serve as the perfect backdrop, since the featured designers — ZDDZ, Tigran Avetisyan, Asya Malberstein, Alisa Kuzembaeva — are all, in one way or another, drawn to brutalist aesthetics in their search for a new identity for Russia’s youth.

Text: Anastasiia Fedorova
Photo: Sergey Rogov
Style: Oxana Markina
Make up: Stolbova Ekaterina
Models: Marso, Nips, Luc
Yana Parkhomenko

Special thanks to Krystall for the location.

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