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366 Concept — New East 100

7 July 2017

In a fast-paced industry looking for the “next big thing”, Polish furniture brand 366 Concept take a retrospective approach to design. Maciej Cypryk and Agata Górka founded the brand in 2014 out of a desire to bring back the staples of communist-era design they once shared their home with, beginning with the 366 easy chair, designed by Józef Chierowski and once found in every cafe, office and restaurant in Poland. More than just a nostalgic project, Cypryk and Górka picked this design for city apartments with limited space.

The wooden 366 easy chair was originally designed after a fire in the early 1960s wiped out a furniture factory in Świebodzice, creating a demand for simple furniture. The collection now comprises the Easy Chair, Rocking Chair, Junior Easy Chair (for children), a two-seater and a sofa. 366 Concept have also come up with a metal version of the chair, also designed by Chierowski but never produced.