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J. Kim: the fashion designer channeling cultures from Korea to Uzbekistan

Kim’s work is all about the cut, the essence and the reinvention of her national heritage, rather than just decorative ornaments

6 December 2017

Among the new crop of Moscow’s emerging designers, J.Kim is a unique example: her refined work drawing on diverse national heritages proves that Russia’s culture and fashion scenes are more diverse than they might first appear. The founder and designer Jenia Kim comes from a family of Korean emigrants from Uzbekistan, and was raised in the city of Tashkent before moving to Moscow to study. The national influences are ingrained in the core of the brand: it’s all about the cut, the essence and the reinvention, rather than just decorative ornaments. In her work, Kim has used various transformed variations of the Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, and numerous references to the rich culture of Central Asia.