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Asiya Bareeva: the Russian designer changing how we perceive Islamic fashion

The Moscow-based style star is upending preconceptions with her ornamental and geometric designs

27 December 2017

Moscow-based womenswear designer Asiya Bareeva’s practice draws on the multiculturalism of modern Russia. With her AW16 collection — consisting of ankle-length multi-layered garments, rich fabrics and intricate ornamentation — the designer revealed a delicate side to Islamic dress. Muslim herself, Bareeva’s eclectic designs, where street style pieces such as bombers and anoraks meet romantic lace and silk shuttle, resonate far beyond the religious community. The AW16 lookbook, which features a model with her face covered, a nod to certain Islamic codes of modesty, are evocative of a range of ideas — nomadic, free-spirited, empowered womanhood.

Bareeva is currently moving away from decadent ornamentation to simplified geometric forms. Another part of her practice is her ceramic work — vases and other objects made of clay yet resembling the surface of crumpled paper, and plates inspired by traditional Caucasian design.