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Safe haven: in Moscow, the refugees seeking better lives

Moscow is home to thousands of refugees who have fled countries affected by war. British photographer Matthew Webb has spent the last year at the MPC Social Services Centre documenting the vitality and strength of those who have made the journey to Russia. Once in Moscow, many refugees rely on the centre, which provides social and medical support along with food parcels. “Spending time with refugees at the centre has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life,” says Webb. “Most of the refugees at the centre don’t speak Russian nor have they long-term visas and work permits. Consequently they have faced immense difficulties finding work and simply surviving despite having useful talents and skills … Yet most share the same dream — to return to the family and friends they left behind.” You can see Webb's photographs at the Russian State Darwin Museum until 9 March as part of the 2014 UK-Russia Year of culture.

24 February 2014