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City limits: Roaming the streets of Kiev with photographer Sasha Kurmaz

By shooting youth against a backdrop of urban desolation, Sasha Kurmaz offers a personal take on the unrest in Ukraine

Born and raised in Kiev, artist Sasha Kurmaz is known for the powerful combination of the personal and political. He started out as a graffiti artist defacing and personalising walls, benches, street signs and adverts before later moving on to installations, paintings, videos and photography. His photographs span a great range of subjects and styles: from minimal still lifes to raw, diary-like shots, from nudes to architectural photography of the post-Soviet city. For the project 48 hours in Kyiv, created in collaboration with Swedish brand Eytys and released earlier this year, Kurmaz spent two days documenting the life of two young locals roaming the streets, rooftops and wastelands of the post-Maidan city.