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Enter the world of VasyaRun, Russia’s most mysterious art project

Collective VasyaRun is one of the most evocative and mysterious art projects to take on modern Russia. Comprised of young male performers, the team combine spiritual and physical practices to create immersive art pieces and street performances. Now, Moscow-based director Georgiy Kazakov-Pokrovsky is releasing an atmospheric film documenting their work with physicality, masculinity, and movement. “I wanted to create a video which would be like a separate art piece, evoking feelings of mystery, fear, and grandeur through the sound, image, and corporeality of VasyaRun.” the director explains. “I worked with the collective at a time of change: when the group’s participants were being renewed with much younger members. In line with this, the video is titled Revival, and sees the older VasyaRun performers teaching the younger members — an initiation of sorts”.